I have been creatively inspired for as long as I can remember.  My earliest memories consist of some kind of craft project or another.  In my late teens I was drawn toward making jewelry and that became my passion and where my heart found home.  It has been a fulfilling adventure and my creative journey the path I’m so glad I’ve followed.  I love every aspect of designing jewelry.  I have enjoyed learning different techniques and styles along the way and am always excited about something new, fresh and interesting.

My most current interest has been creating with various metals.  I enjoy using my torch and hammers while changing a simple piece of copper, brass or silver and turning it into a unique piece of jewelry.   The metals take on a life and beauty of their very own.  Metal jewelry is unique in that no piece is like any other.  I add embellishments – beads, crystals, drops and gemstones for different colors, textures, and styles.  I hope you’ll enjoy my designs as much as I love making them.

Thanks for looking – I’m so glad you’re here!